About Zapyle

Zapyle is a Bangalore based premium fashion e-commerce marketplace that’s bridging the gap in the trends and quality in the Indian fashion industry by bringing a well-curated collection of international brands to India.

Task at hand

Zapyle wanted to increase the number of orders and boost revenue without changes in the marketing spend.


After analysing the orders data and user persona data we’ve realised that their audience might be interested in High Street wear and suggested that they should look at getting more inventory in that category which they did and post that Zapyle has seen a minimum of 50% growth month on month in terms of revenue while almost doubling the number of orders. We’ve also optimised the targeting and added few more channels of marketing to the mix to boost the growth.

Another huge opportunity we’ve stumbled upon during our research was when we were looking at the pre-owned section which houses brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. As soon as we saw we knew that there is a huge opportunity to increase their organic traffic by many folds due to the lack of competition in that segment in India. We’ve started optimising their brand pages for these keywords and within a month almost all the brand keywords started showing up on the first page of Google. This has provided their organic traffic 5x growth and increased their revenue by 20%.