Srikar Srinivasula

An entrepreneurial spirit and founder of multiple companies, he enjoys kickstarting niche companies and get to profitability with his internet marketing know-how.

Sundeep Reddy

A seasoned marketer, led multiple startups to growth & acquisition stages and finally exited himself to start a digital agency that knocks it out of the park.



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Our partnership with Growth Hackers Digital has been very fruitful. Their work on our website and lead generation campaigns have made a significant difference to our business. We are positive that this partnership will yield many more mutual successes.

Kunal Sharma | Management Consultant – Positka

Growth Hackers efforts in SEO have driven more traffic. The project management is very active and communication is good. Their attention to detail and time management are very good. They do a great job.

Amarabati Sen | Product Owner – Decathlon

Growth Hackers quickly jumped on board and instantly helped bring our CAC down by 40%. We sensed that they took ownership of our problems as their own.

Madhav Krishna | CEO – Vahan

The team at Growth Hackers operate more as a partner than an agency. They quickly started fixing the issues we are facing with SEO and Customer Acquisition.

Ankur Choudhary | CEO – Goalwise

Growth Hackers cut down our app install costs by 50% in the first month of engagement.

Ashutosh Dabral | CEO – Hush

Growth Hackers solved the problems we were facing with ease. They drove up our social media engagement by close to 400%.

Ajay Y J | Co-founder – Moonwalkr

Growth Hackers have been able to reach out to a larger audience than we had been doing with traditional marketing efforts. Growth Hackers in-depth knowledge of various platforms such as Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics which is vital for our operations. We like that Growth Hackers go above and beyond the call of duty — they’ve connected for late night/early am calls with our global team.

It was imperative that Growth Hackers understood a lot of the terminology and the competition we are up against.

Alysha Maria Lobo | SEA Marketing Head – Universal Robots

Firstly, I would like to thank Sundeep, Sneha and the entire team for their hard work. Whenever we needed advice or help, they were always at hand to provide us. Whether it was through hangout call or calls, we always got prompt replies from Growth Hackers Team. Any issues were promptly dealt with by the team.

Overall, the whole process was smooth however, These were solved by a joint effort between us and the SEO team. Making this dynamic approach for Pattem Digital website was a complicated project which involved many hours of hard work and I feel as though the whole team have done a great job. We are very happy with the final output of the SEO and content structure for the website, Quora, Blogs and Medium.

Growth Hacker team attitude towards the work was really impressive.

Vidyasagar Pattem | MD – Pattem Digital