The Challenge

How to generate leads for Universal Robots and create awareness about its cobots in the Indian Market?

Universal Robots is a Danish manufacturer of flexible industrial collaborative robot arms or cobots that gives manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, without the extra costs usually associated with traditional robots.

The company has 620+ employees (2018) and 300 partners around the world and achieved a business volume of USD 234 Million in 2018 Though the HQ is already partnered with an agency but got us on board as they wanted their agency to understand the local pulse to better market the product.

Strategy at a Glance

For Universal Robots, the strategy that leveraged was:

  • Target relevant audience to create visibility and generate MQLs
  • Find mid and high volume keywords
  • Industry-specific targeting on LinkedIn and re-marketing on Facebook.


We realized the best way to go about solving this challenge is to create visibility of the product and its benefits among the relevant audience and generate Marketing Qualified Leads at the same time to improve their business in India.

In Google, our campaigns were rigorously a/b tested for 15 days which secured us our relevant mid-high volume keywords, which in turn helped us reduce our CAC in long term and reduced the wastage on irrelevant keywords. We built a custom database of SMB owners prioritizing them based on their interest in the product and created an email drip campaign highlighting the benefits of Cobots.

On social media, we leveraged Facebook remarketing and LinkedIn industry-specific targeting to reach the most relevant audience. With the right messaging and creatives LinkedIn turned out to be pretty effective giving the maximum MQLs at a minimum cost.

Our approach helped Universal Robots in getting a steady lead flow and building a strong base in India within months of operations.


  • Universal Robots wanted to create a digital presence for itself with our help and wanted the digital efforts to be aimed at self-sustenance without having to acquire leads from the HQ.
  • With our digital marketing efforts, Universal Robots saw a significant increase in the number of leads generated and we were also able to increase the quality of leads with 50% being MQLs and 30% being SQLs