About Company & Challenge

Orobind works on making it extremely easy for people to be healthy. By connecting people to trusted personal coaches through the apps, they make it possible for people to achieve their health goals and create healthier communities. Orobind has been acquired by HouseJoy, the leading home services provider after Orobind achieved breakeven within 1.5 years of their launch. With no budget, Orobind wanted us to help them plan their pre-launch and make it viral. The second challenge we tackled for Orobind was to increase the leads without increasing the marketing budget.

The Results

5000 Registrations in 2 days

Tripled Leads via Referral Program

Execution Strategy

Prelaunch – We knew it is an enormous task to make prelaunch go viral with no budget so we had to make sure that messaging, design, and the whole thing has to be perfect to the dot. Keeping all this in mind we have designed a campaign that is almost flawless and has the potential to meet our goal. It has been completed covered here, do check it out.

Lead Generation – Trust is the most important emotion when it comes to fitness (losing weight) so we have understood that the best way to get more customers is by creating a referral program that incentivises the current customers to spread the word.

Execution Prelaunch – We did a targeted pre-launch campaign without any marketing budget and helped them acquire 5000 potential customers in 2 days of the launch. This immediately gave them a platform to test their idea as they were the first ones ever to provide personal fitness coaches at home using an app.

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The challenge is to increase the number of leads while making sure that the quality remains or improves. We’ve worked with Orobind on a referral program that would benefit the current users to spread the word and gives the new customer a fair option to try the service.

  • Prelaunch went viral and got them 5000 registrations within 2 days.
  • The referral program was a big hit as well and it has increased their organic leads by 3x. With an average ticket of 7k per month it has helped in boosting their revenue by a minimum 25% month-on-month.
  • We have improved their main landing page conversion rate by 2x. It went from 8% to almost 16%.

Services Deployed