About Company & Challenge

Hush, a startup funded by Accel Partners, facilitates candid workplace discussions and enables employee engagement through anonymous conversations. With anonymity being the critical way of discourse between employees and the management, Hush aims to ease communication within organizations through their user community improving career growth paths for employees. Hush wanted us to help increase their app installs and lower the cost per install.
  • Hush needed us to reach a quality audience and make them install the App while maintaining the retention percentage.
  • The steadily raising app install cost needs to be stopped and reduced by 30%.

The Results

3x App Installs

CAC Down by 50%

Execution Strategy

Hush was already using a generic creative for their ad campaigns. When the creative doesn’t resonate with the audience, the app installs decrease eventually increasing the ad cost.

We wanted to fine-tune the targeting and messaging so that more people will relate to it and also refreshing the ads will reduce the app install cost along with tackling the ad fatigue.

To increase app installs, we designed creatives with interesting copies focusing on real workplace issues that intrigued the viewer/audience and made them relate to the same. A variation of these designs with bright colors and quirky one-liners were a/b tested and the creatives that performed the best were pumped in with more budget.

In order to further narrow our audience, we made 100’s of company-specific creatives and ad sets which were targeted solely to the employees of that particular company. Through this approach, our ads reached the right target audience at a much lower cost.

This strategy significantly increased the app installs and reduced CAC by 50%.


Growth Hackers cut down our app install costs by 50% in the first month of engagement.

Ashutosh Dabral | CEO – Hush

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