About BoxMySpace

Boxmyspace is a B2B company that handles complete end-to-end logistics operations for its clients including Transporting the Goods from Source to their Warehouse, Inward the Goods, Quality Check, Storage, Dispatch, Reporting and End Customer Delivery Transportation. Their presence is in Pan India with aggressive growth targets.

Task at Hand

Boxmyspace was getting a lot of junk leads due to broad targeting leading to high ad spend and finding it difficult to meet the aggressive growth targets they set for themselves.


There are mainly two customers that Boxmyspace is looking at here, one being the person who is actively looking for warehouse space and the other being a person who needs warehouse space but not actively looking over the web or was not aware of the third party logistics solutions available in the market.

We basically created two types of campaigns on multiple channels with unique messaging to the customers based on the bucket they fall in.


  • After multiple a/b tests and landing page designs, we were able to crack the formula to get high-quality leads and increased the quality lead percentage from 10% to 85%.