Did you know that only 12% of women make market based decisions on their own, according to the DSP Survey 2019, even though more and more women are gaining momentum in their professional hierarchy? This is where our client, Basis, comes in. Basis is a financial platform that allows ONLY WOMEN to discuss all things finance and seek advice from handpicked financial experts on topics like personal money management, insurance policies, mutual funds and stock market, etc in an easy to understand manner. Today, Basis is a strong knit community of 30,000+ women, growing at a rapid pace and marking its footprint in the highly competitive Fintech Industry. And here’s how we helped Basis get there. The challenge was to :
  • Launch a highly niche product among an audience that is majorly not finance savvy, in Phase 1.
  • Increase the Install to Sign Up conversion rate at scale, in Phase 2.





Since our challenge was to not just onboard women onto the platform but to first convince them about the importance of staying on top of their finances, we started off by segregating the audience based on two age groups : 20-30 and 30+. Based on this segregation, we mapped out our communication to help the TG understand how important it is to start taking Financial planning seriously. Here’s one of the creatives that talked about the same :

This helped us get a lot of engagement, leading to a better click through rate and hence more App Installs. After reaching a milestone of 10k members, the next challenge was to increase the number of Sign Ups while expanding the audience base. And to achieve this, we realised that the brand needs to reach a lot of people and gain their trust. So we created a funnel based marketing strategy where we sent the top funnel (new audience) to blogs on popular topics like “Guide to investing in Gold” or “How to pay your EMIs”, etc written by the Basis team. As the next step, we retargeted those who spent a good amount of time reading the blog, to install the App. As they were already introduced to the brand, our communication was a bit direct this time, like “Why join the Basis community”.  This strategy not just helped us get a lot of installs but also saw a whooping 75.5% conversion rate! Apart from the funnel strategy, our meme marketing strategy significantly helped us add fuel to the fire. We created relatable, trending memes that helped us capture our audiences’ attention, leading to a higher CTR and ultimately installs.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Since we started working with Growth Hackers, we've seen a 4X increase in our app installs, and they've helped us keep our acquisition costs at healthy numbers. We really appreciate the amount of knowledge the team has on creating and executing effective social media campaigns. They are also great at execution - and communicate with our team often. Hena Mehta | CEO – Basis