Our client is one of the oldest English Daily newspapers in India serving its readers with credible and unbiased news for the last 70+ years. 


We started with a simple question - what can be done digitally to create an alternative revenue generation channel? After quite a few brainstorming sessions by the Growth Hackers team, we finally pitched the idea of starting an affiliate marketing channel on the client’s website. 


Affiliate marketing is a channel heavily leveraged by other big players in the industry like NDTV, 91Mobiles, etc to increase traffic to the website and earn revenue. Thus, setting the affiliate channel up, ranking organically amidst this heavy competition, and driving traffic was the challenge we had to tackle.


~0 to 15,000 Visitors / Day in 3 Months

10 Lakhs Revenue / Month


Since affiliate marketing was completely new for the client, we started from scratch, which is helping the tech team set up the subfolder for affiliate marketing. We provided inputs with respect to the design, SEO, affiliate program, etc. so that we not only rank better but also provide users with a great experience. 


The first goal was to clearly understand what our audience was searching for online related to tech, gadgets, home appliances, etc where we could create articles to introduce them to the different products we thought fit the bill. If interested, people could click on the affiliate link of the product they liked which would take them to Amazon where they could purchase the product. 


Our analysis revealed that apart from topics such as “Best Smartphones” which are searched for throughout the year, seasonal content was something we had to focus a lot on. For example, topics like “Best AC” saw a spike during the time of summer. This drove our content identification process.


The following is the process we followed to ensure that the articles we write provide more value than the competition and we have a better chance of ranking organically -

  • Competition Research
  • Keywords Identification based on Volume, Affiliate Income, and Keyword Difficulty
  • Topic Finalization based on Current Trends
  • Content Structure Creation (framework to beat the competition on search)
  • Content Writing and Affiliate Link Setup
  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Publishing and Regular Content Updation


It took us around 3 months to build up the portal, rank organically, and start driving traffic to the published articles. In the 3rd month, we increased the traffic per day to the website from almost 0 to 15,000 (refer to screenshot below) helping us generate over 10L revenue per month in the form of affiliate income.